Red Earth

17 The Jade Statue

The Rescue from Limehouse

The fight continued after the shout with George continuing to attack the Jade Statue. Then it was suddenly enveloped in darkness and George was flung away.
From the gallery there were shots of gunfire and George recovered enough to strike down the old Chinese man there (who had presumably been the one shouting), before he himself was wounded severely by a bullet.

Babu emerged form the shadows transformed into an Eagle and ripped out the throat of the old man and one of his gun men, while George recovered enough to strike down the last.

The windows of the warehouse roof broke and the League of Gentlemen descended on ropes, the Scarlet Pimpernel, the Last Musketeer and the Cannonball (who fell quite hard) were watched over by Spring Heeled Jack from the roof.
As they did, the Jade Statue came to life and weathered much gun fire as it stalked forward. Jacoby cracked it with a blast from his shotgun, but finally a petard hoisted by The Cannonball at it’s feet managed to finally doom it.

The investigators rescued Molly from the upstairs office, finding her unclothed and painted with strange black tattoos, but asleep and possibly intoxicated and they rushed her quickly to her father at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, summoning him from his lodgings and sheltering her inside.

The next day they convened at Professor Ringwold’s house to question Molly and further discuss the situation, which also allowed Babu to finally collect his artificial replacement for the leg he lost.
Molly was in very good spirits, full of herself and raring to find more excited, which was concerning to all, especially her father and especially when she showed herself to be flirtatious with the men around her.

George sent a telegram for Jones, asking for help with a possible possession, while Elizabeth went to Limehouse to ask for help from the Reverend there who was accustomed with the Chinese.



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