Salisbury Plain

The British Government via the War Office has quarantined most of the area still affected by Red Weed and turned it into a military zone controlled from Salisbury Plain.

This zone approximately represents the border where Red Weed had advanced to in early 1873. The die-back from that time seems to have been erratic, though it seems that no new photographs have emerged of Red Weed since 1875 and as of 1880 there are no known points along the controlled area where Red Weed can still be seen.

There are military check-points at Warminster (West limit), Swindon (North limit), Salisbury (South limit) and Newbury (NEE limit), Basingstoke (East limit), Winchester (SSE limit), representing the limit of public access to the area, with Andover being swallowed entirely.


Salisbury Plain

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