Martian Technology

Very little is known still about the Martians, everything that is known or suspected is a result of observing their technology. The British Government has contained any information it has learned in secret so the press and public (and presumably foreign powers) can only speculate the aftermath of and from stories about the Martian Invasion.

The obvious effects of the Martian invasion were the destruction of large parts of mostly rural Southern England, of Middlesex & of London. In it’s wake there were miles and miles of Red Weed which died of after 1873, and there remained scrapped Walker Machines that were recovered by Government agencies and a few Artefact Thieves.

With the array of advanced and fantastic technology displayed by the Martians, it is no wonder that there are many speculations about what could be harnessed and what it could be made to do.

All across the area of destruction and that formerly covered in Red Weed contains much in the way of Martian salvage, some abandoned during construction by the Martians, some destroyed in the conflict but by far the majority seems to have simply collapsed during their sudden retreat.
The Extraterrestrial Conflict Act of 1874 retroactively made all Martian Technology found within Britain property of the Crown and unlicensed possession was made a crime. It prescribed licenses to be issued to allow collection, storage, handling and research to be carried out by selected Universities and Government employees.
The test case Crown vs Bartholomew upheld the law and the headmaster (Bartholomew) convicted of possession of Extraterrestrial artefacts was hung. There have been numerous Artefact Thieves some of them becoming quite famous but they have all been caught and executed.
The prosecutions fell each year after the war as salvage became harder to find but it is suspected generally that there are far more examples waiting to be uncovered.

New Tech
Martian Power Sources
There were a limited number of working devices recovered and it seems evident that these have been put to use. The British Government will neither confirm or deny this is the case, but it repeats that the Coal and Power Authority maintains safe facilities for the public good.
A number of disabled devices were recovered and kept in Government hands though it is unknown if others exist.

It is clear from from the highly protected sites in Somerset (Hinkley Point) and Kent (Dungeness) that provide extremely cheap electricity for industrial uses that these devices have provided some benefit which the Government is keeping secret from the public and from foreign powers.
The large industrial areas of Tyneside, Manchester, the Midlands have expanded with large factories which produce little smoke from their few chimneys. In denser urban areas there is still smog pollution from transport and house fires, which is a large part of the country’s coal consumption, however it is clear from the numbers that there is very little domestic coal use (1830: 30 million tons of coal mined 50% exported, 1880: 10 million tons mined, 80% exported).

For those that have the wit and imagination, the idea of easily contained and possibly portable power might inspire ideas of inventions that could benefit from an energy boost.

Precision Engineering
The Martian materials and machinery were made with tools far in advance of anything on Earth, however much can be learned and replicated from them. The scraps of unidentified materials have properties unlike anything known on Earth, and in particular the gears and linkages used in Martian machinery are a marvel that enable miraculous things, i.e. Walking Machines.

Red Weed

Martian Technology

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