Red Earth

13 Hunting the Brethren

A Library in Holborn

Two weeks later.

Nancy sent a message to Jones saying she had some information about James the Librarian, the Brethren named by the captured Pioneer Sergeant.

After some discussion with Jones at Wentley Manor, and testing out the green Martian lens device, Dan and George decided to meet Nancy in London, taking Dr Stanwell with them to speak to the Professor at the Observatory.

On the way, they stopped at Basingstoke Post Office to buy maps and discovered a telegram from a Father Pleasant explaining that Elizabeth was staying in a Covent in Southwark to convalesce and they were welcome to visit her if they wished.

Dan and George met Nancy in a pub in Clapham so as to avoid going into Central London (and possibly being followed). She told them she and some friends had been following James about, he was a loner working in a damaged church on Holborn being used as a library for members only, but very few people used it. James visits several places of worship for various faiths, and gambles a bit in a gin palace.
Nancy arranged to meet them in a tea shop on Holborn the next day at dusk, close to the book depository.

Dan and George met Father Pleasant and spoke to Elizabeth about her redemption. The Convent sisters agreed to let Elizabeth have a late curfew if she stayed in touch with them.

The three visited Greenwich Observatory and spoke to Professor Ringwold, about his daughter who was kidnapped (Molly) – by a group of Chinese sailors from the shores of Greenwich park.
He agreed he could make a mechanical leg for Babu and let them look throw the telescope at Mars. George was suddenly seized with the desire to turn the telescope wheel and found an empty area of space with no starlight. They left Dr Stanwell at the Professor to discuss if that area had any significance.

They stayed overnight at a nearby guest house (with Elizabeth returning to the Convent) and met up the next day.

Nancy procured a Hansom Cab and allowed Dan to drive it in a top hat. They snatched James from the street and drove him (leaving Nancy behind to cover their tracks) to a safe house not far away near St. Paul’s.

James conversed with the group about the King of the Lost City and when George wore his red amulet it glowed, James took it back and vanished, leaving a green dust behind.

3xp awarded



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