Red Earth

08 The Underworld

A Crossing Point

Sunday 5th September – midnight

Having entered the crypt close to midnight on the Saturday, the group step through the dark archway and down the dark stairs. They realise that Dan McCall is not with them, but trying to ascend the steps again it seems an impossibly long distance away.

They proceed with only George Hartley MP’s lighter and Phineas impossibly good eyesight to guide them and they come out into a sewer somewhere under London.

Faced with a little monkey – dressed like a porter in a suit jacket and hat – and a Labrador harnessed with charity collecting tins, the group followed the screeches of the monkey for some way into the darkness before thinking better of it and turning back. The monkey was irate but left them to pursue the charity Labrador instead.

The dog led them out into a desolate forest, of thin leafless birch trees. A forest that was certainly not in England or even in the same season. The dog bark and refused to go on but they proceeded. In a grove they found a gravestone (which George Hartley steered the group away from, but which he later revealed to read “Dan McCall”) and they turned back as the branches of the trees reached down to snare them.


2xp awarded



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